Another Post

If I was to create a blog about anything, I would create one about the paranormal because of my interest in the world that is far beyond our own. I have been interested in the paranormal for many years and am always looking for new stories and have always been interested in other people’s experiences and would love to share this with others.

I think that the world would need this type of blog because there are so many skeptics out there that need to be show the world beyond. Although I haven’t seen a ghost, I have sensed heaviness in certain locations while traveling. I think that people need to be more open minded when it comes to the paranormal and people that believe in it, such as myself shouldn’t have to be forced to go to bookstores when its referred to as “new age” because thats not what it is.


One Response to “Another Post”

  1. Liz Glagowski Says:

    Grade = check plus.

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